Dive Master

The First Professional Level in Diving

A serious and comprehensive program in three main phases:

  • Watermanship and skills development
  • Knowledge Development and business orientation
  • Practical Application and assigned tasks

It may be conducted in 7 to 10 days depending on your schedule

The Divemaster rating is your first step to become a professional, either to work full time or part time. Upon completion of your Rescue Course you reach a skill point that makes the Divemaster training available and enjoyable. As a Divemaster you will be able to assist PADI Instructors during training and not only that. You are an essential part of every PADI Course because your participation in training adds safety. You will become a role model diver.

Let’s see why Lucky Divers can give the BEST education to you:

  1. First of all we are a PADI 5 star IDC  Center and we have great experience in teaching leadership – level courses.
  2. During your practical application we do not ask you to do the minimum which PADI standards require. You are treated as Lucky Divers staff. This means that you will be given several other jobs to do with view in mind: “When leaving our place you will have so much experience that may take several months or years to be obtained in any other center”.

Among other jobs or tasks you will:

  1. Learn how to fill tanks and gain knowledge in compressor use
  2. Learn how to use the Instructor Manual. This greatly helps in understanding the PADI system and prepare you for your Instructor Course which is your next step
  3. You will be used as Instructional Assistant during Courses and Introduction Dives. Here you will be familiar with student problems and deal with their apprehensions and behavior. Working closely with our experienced and role model Instructors you will become like them.
  4. At Lucky Divers you will find and use all the training materials specially needed for your course.
  5. In between training dives and other tasks we give you the chance to dive with certified divers and learn the different diving spots, at no extra charge
  6. During your stay with us you may discuss the details of the Instructor Course. You will know all the details for a successful IDC.


a. Watermanship

  1. You will do some swimming skills which are not so difficult. Reasonable ability in swimming is acceptable
  2. You will brush your Rescue abilities
  3. You will practice all the skills until you become a role model diver. Your Instructor will show you what is expected and you will practice quite a lot

b. Knowledge Development

  1. Your Instructor will work and guide you to master the required theory. These subjects include physiology, physics, tables, equipment. The required materials and books are the Encyclopedia, Knowledge Workbook and the Divemaster Manual.
  2. You may learn your theory either by reading at home, or by presentations from your Instructor. At Lucky Divers we apply both methods
  3. We will teach you subjects such as: Business of Diving, Legal Risks, The Career of the Divemaster and similar career related topics

c. Practice

  1. You will have the chance to participate in training dives during the Open Water Course, and in training dives of other courses.
  2. At Lucky Divers you will do the necessary dives with real students.
  3. Once you have learned from our Instructors the techniques of the certified assistant, then and in between other activities you will continue with us for more experience.

Once you complete the course, your Instructor will help you to complete your application and become member of PADI, the biggest and most dynamic agency in the world. You may choose where you want to travel and either work as part time or full time professional. Even, you may be employed by Lucky Divers.


Because Lucky Divers and their Course Director have trained so far more than 600 Divemasters to jump into the Instructor level. We know what your future needs.

The Course may start at any day and time / upon request.